Vertrieb und Kundenservice

Außendienst und Kundenservice in Zeiten von Big Data und Crowdsourcing

Manuel Grenacher, CEO

Coresystems AG, Berlin

At Coresystems, solving field service problems is their top priority. Every day, field technicians and engineers receive their schedules from dispatchers, and load up their trucks with parts, equipment, and tools to head out to service calls. They fight through traffic, rushing from job site to job site, sometimes leaving a daunting pile of paperwork and unsatisfied customers in their wake.

How can field service techs find better routes to job sites? How can they have all the data they need on both the customers and machines digitized and easily accessible? How can they successfully fit in more calls each day that increase their organization’s revenue and meet KPIs? And how can they do all of this, while blowing each customer’s mind with service that is faster, better, and more efficient than ever.

These problems are what the team at Coresystems sits down works hard to solve.